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Monday, March 9, 2009

Scott's Birthday! March 7 2009

A walk thru town..

This is the public school..looks like an igloo with a few tiny windows:

Called to the Bar Ceremony - February 16 2009

Outside of the Nunavut Court House:

Scott's Office:

Scott's Week in Clyde River and Pond Inlet

Scott spent the week of Feb 21 to 26 in two remote communities that are both above the Arctic Circle -- Clyde River and Pond Inlet. Below are some pics of his adventure:

A photo of some traditional Inuit sleds:

The lovely hotel Scott stayed at:

Arrival to Iqaluit - February 15 2009

Con, Arlene, Scott, Bailster and myself boarded into a wonderfully comfortable Dodge Caravan and hit the road at 2:00 AM for the drive from Toronto to Ottawa.

We arrived at the airport for 7am and checked our suitcases. After a tearful good-bye, we boarded the First Air flight to Iqaluit. We departed at 9:15am and landed at 12:30pm. The plane holds 60 people (only 1/2 full), has no TV's, and had the old ashtrays.

The view of the tundra is spectacular---snow-covered as far as the eye can see. We travelled over the flat snow surface for about the final hour and when the captain said he was preparing to descend you could not see the town or a runway and had no idea where he would land. About 20 minutes later, you could faintly make out small buildings on an island and then you could see the beginning of the runway. The landing was smooth and we boarded off on the tarmac.

Bailey was one the first to come off the plane and she did great! I took her out right away and she enjoyed a roll in the arctic snow and was greeted by everyone in the parking lot.

We checked in at the Nova and toured the big city!

Finally we're here!!! First impressions:
-Not as cold as we expected
-Iqaluit is bigger that I thought (More than 1 place to eat!)
-more vehicles on the road than we pictured

View from our room: